Scientific career

From 11/1987 to 01/2001


After a PhD thesis in Planetary Sciences (Aeronomy of the Martian atmosphere) started in the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) @  the University of Colorado at Boulder, I joined IASB/BIRA planetary research team to prepare SPICAM/Mars96/Mars Express experiment.


Operational career 

From 01/2001 to 05/2015


I was assigned as coordinator to the B.USOC (Belgian User Support and Operations Centre) in 2001 and was in charge of the implementation of the centre and of the preparation for the operations of the Belgian "Taxi flight" (OdISSea Mission). 


Controller @ ESA

From 06/2015  to 11/2017

PRODEX is an optional Scientific Programme established to provide funding for the industrial development of scientific instruments or experiments proposed by institutes or universities.

Scientific career

From 11/2017 to present


Supporting the IASB/BIRA General Director


  1. Experience in Quality Management System implementation (ISO 9001; ESA IMS/QMS)

  2. Experience in Quality Management Tools development (dashboards, KPIs, L6S tools)

  3. Experience in strategic planning, budget, quality/configuration control, resources definition and  mobilization and team building

  4. Experience in numerical modelling, Statistical tools and extended knowledge of windows suite, specifically in Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

  5. 30 years of expertise in collaboration and communication  with Industry,  Space Agencies, Scientific Institutes, Press and work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments

  6. 30 years of experience in the development, implementation and monitoring of scientific, operational  and space projects 

  7. Experienced in writing proposals, procedures, processes, reports, technical notes and scientific articles

  8. Scientific expertise in the fields of planetology, astrobiology, aeronomy, mineralogy and volcanology